Devoré & Silk Cushions

My range of luxury cushions are all hand–dyed dupion silks & Devoré fabrics.

Cushions available in 2 sizes, square: 18″ x 18″, price £40.00 & rectangle 12″ x 16″ price £35.00

Devoré is a process where a paste is printed, heat is then applied to scorch the fibres which you rub away to reveal an exposed area of the underlying material.

Linen Cushions

100% linen, hand dyed & printed, all come with a feather filled cushion pads

Square Cushions

18″ x 18″ cushions, with button or zip fastenings, price £35


Rectangular cushions

12″ x 16″ cushions all with button fastening, price £31

The process of Discharge means to print this specialist discharge paste (discharges the colour from dyed fabric) in the selected design to create a ‘bleached out’ pattern.

Please note: All our products are one-off handmade items. Each one is unique, due to the process by which they are made. In the gallery above, images are for illustrative purposes only. Items sold may be of the same design but will not be identical to the items in the pictures.