Polly’s Textiles is a hand made business from start to finish, aiming to create ‘Beautifully Purposeful’ products, hand dyed and printed fabrics, designed, cut and sewn to a wide selection of useful everday products.

Mainly taking inspiration from the natural world: flora, fauna, fruits and vegetables which she draws and photographs, then has these images transferred to printing screens. Translated through her personal style of linear drawings and a variety of photographic techniques, she uses bold colour combinations in producing visually interesting utilitarian products all hand made from start to finish.

Pollys Textiles uses natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk, mixed with specialist fabrics such as devore, all hand dyed to specific colour combinations. Danielle then combines these fabrics with different processes, techniques of textile printing inks and embroidery to create rich, colourful surface patterns. These surface patterns are then made up into cushions, aprons and assorted bags as well as fabric meters are sold for creating your own projects. As well as larger items, Polly’s Textiles also creates a range of small items, including purses, pencil cases, wash-bags and lavender pouches.

Danielle Wade set up Polly’s Textiles in 2010 and is proud to be hand made in Britain.

Please feel free to contact Danielle to enquire about how to buy specific items or to commission new work.

Bespoke / Custom Service

As all the fabrics are hand dyed and printed there is the opportunity to have a product designed to match your existing decor or interior colour schemes using the designs shown, whether this is for cushions to match sofas or table-runners to match a dinning room.

For this service or any questions you may have, please use our ‘Contact Polly‘ page.